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Garrard Specials

Janurary 2018

For sale: Garrard 401 in traditional oak plinth originally sold to South West Analogue. We will give it a full service prior to sale. It is in beautiful condition and comes with a lift off acrylic cover engraved with our Garrard logo.

Special Mention: Brian Mortimer has released a book entitled "The Garrard Story" co-written with his late father Edmund Mortimer. You can buy it at thegarrardstory.strikingly.com/


We are the worlds only licensed Garrard service agent. Our full service (please note, extras such as new parts or paint will be charged seperately)  starts at £400 excluding VAT, plus shipping and packing

In addition to a full service, our most popular plinth, the skeletal in black, has superb open sound
characteristic which do not colour the sound of the turntable in any way, the way it ought to be. A full service plus skeletal plinth starts at £799 excluding VAT and shipping.

Shipping costs can be advised if you send a full address to:






Loricraft/Garrard 501 Inspiration

Probably the finest turntable in the world...

Set in an Oak Plinth

Priced at £20,000.00
(Ex-VAT @ 20%)
Delivery charge not included

Terry can tell you everything you need to know about this amazing machine - please see contact details below:

Loricraft/Garrard 601 Transcription Turntable

The second finest turntable in the world?

Set in a plywood skeletal plinth
Priced at £10,000 (excluding VAT)

For further details, to order, or discuss - please contact:

Terry O'Sullivan
Managing Director - Loricraft Audio

e-mail: terry@garrard501.com