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Spring special:
PRC 6 in black

£1832.41 (ex VAT): This PRC 6 in Black is the best machine we do and to reflect on this our special deal includes everything you need to get started, plus
* An extra bottle of L'art du son
* Two extra cleaning brushes, suitable for 7" and 10" records.

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Those prices for the PRC machines, at a glance, are:

Model Total Price incuding VAT Price excluding VAT VAT@20%
PRC 3 in Black £1573.87 £1311.56 £262.31
PRC 4 in Black £1758.90 £1465.75 £293.15
PRC 4 in Cherry or Walnut £1868.90 £1557.41 £311.48
PRC 6 in Black £2198.90 £1832.41 £366.48
PRC 6 in Cherry or Walnut £2363.90 £1969.91 £393.98

Don't forget to stock up on
L'Art du Son Cleaning Fluid

Only £30.14 per bottle (ex-VAT)
£36.16 including VAT


The Benefits of a Loricraft Machine

All major components are hand-made - in house

The size of the unit:
Width - 54.6cms -including collection jar
Depth - 40.6cms
Height - 30cms

Very quiet, making it domestically acceptable for home use.


Our brush goes to the top of the grooves for intital cleaning and works the fluid in to the grooves, loosening any contanimants.


The nylon protection thread, which wraps around the nozzle, has two functions. It prevents the ptfe nozzle from contacting the record, and leaves an air gap to allow the vortex of the nozzle (suction) to remove all the fluid and debris from the record grooves - leaving it clean and dry.


We use a fresh application of cleaning fluid for each side of the record.


It takes less than two minutes to clean and dry a single record side.


Loricraft machines can clean 7", 10", 12" and 16" records. Loricraft Audio also build the specialist PRC5 - to clean 20" records


Loricraft machines can be found in National Sound Archives, professional Recording Studios, and Record Stores as well as being used by enthusiasts around the world.

 All machines come complete with a bottle of L'Art du Son Cleaning Fluid, a brush, thread, collection jar and detailed instructions, as well as a full 5 year Warranty.

VAT is only payable by EU countries


To order - or for more information




Terry O'Sullivan - (MD) - Loricraft Audio


Terry: e-mail: terry@garrard501.com